heart failure

Heart failure is a generic term to refer to abnormal function of the heart. Typically, heart failure can be divided into 2 categories; systolic failure (poor pumping function) or diastolic failure (impaired heart muscle relaxation/increased stiffness). Symptoms of heart failure can range from shortness of breath, to difficulty breathing at night, swelling in the feet or legs, weight gain, nausea or even chest pain/pressure. 

Initial evaluation for heart failure would involve physical examination and possibly heart ultrasound imaging, or echocardiography. Sometimes, additional diagnostic tests are necessary to further evaluate this condition. 

Treatment for heart failure depends of the type and severity. Dr Zurick and his team can work with you or your family members to evaluate for heart failure and provide initial treatment. Dr Zurick works with several well trained, specialized heart failure cardiologists who can be consulted should the need arise.